We are Moving! 

As of August 1st, Richard Bankert Web Design will be changing name and becoming Bankert Marketing Inc. 
A part of this process will be retiring our existing website and moving it to https://bankert.ca

We look forward to working with you and adding in our new services over the next year. 



Responsive Web Design, helping amazing products meet their amazing clients

There once was a business that wanted to give away $1000, free, no strings attached. So they made a poster, and put it up all over town. Unfortunately the text on the poster was so small that no one could read it, and the images so large that only a corner was showing up on the page. So even though they had an amazing offer, they had zero response. Don't make the same mistake with your website. 

Do you have an amazing offer, but zero response from your website? 80% of users have and use a mobile device. Responsive Web Design allows you to properly display your content regardless of the device that your customers are on. This means that your website is displayed properly across any device, with no need for a mobile website or app. When your website is updated your content is updated everywhere. It is convenient for your visitors, easy to manage for you, and saves you money in the long run.

5 reasons why you need a responsive website?

  • Google recommends it. With 80% of internet searches going through Google , we want to make sure that we are building websites that Google likes to list in its search results. Google Developers recommend using a responsive website design because they are faster to index, require no redirections, and have a single URL.
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings. We spend a lot of time improving our websites so that they will rank higher in the search engines. When you have a desktop friendly site, a mobile friendly site, and maybe even an app you are potentially creating duplicate content, which search engines hate. It also means that you have to spend 3X the effort to keep all your sites updated.
  • Better User Experience. When a visitor arrives at your website, you want to ensure that they can get the information they need efficiently. Whether it is an online purchase, a contact number, or a quote form. Responsive designs allow you to adjust your content to fit their device, so it always is easy to read, easy to navigate, and easy to make purchases on.
  • Stay ahead of our competition. We want our businesses to be able to reach todays customers. With not as many business using responsive web designs you can get ahead of them by converting your website now. Leave it and your customers will find your competitors site. With an ever growing number of mobile and tablet users the importance of responsive web design has never been higher.
  • Make more sales. BrandSpark reports that “54% of Canadians revealing that they have used their smartphone to make a buying decision.” Is your website ready for that kind of mobile use? Customers are using their devices to compare prices, research products, and make purchasing decisions wherever they have cell or wifi coverage.

By not having a responsive website, you are not catering to the large portion of your target market, and in the process losing money and business.

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